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May 8, 2021
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Public policy impacts people with mental illness in many ways—from health care to housing to criminalization. Changes in policy can result in improved treatments, increased access to services, and better outcomes for people with mental health conditions. Throughout our history, NAMI has fought to:

  • Increase funding for mental health research;

  • Expand access to mental health treatments and services; and

  • Ensure mental illness is not treated as a crime.


Read on to learn more about NAMI's policy priorities.

Intervene Early

NAMI fights for policies to ensure people get help early. This includes better research to detect and identify mental illness, integration of mental health care into primary care settings, and access to mental health in schools.

Improve Care

NAMI fights for policies to ensure people get the best possible care. This includes expanding access to health insurance, requiring parity coverage of mental health care, and ensuring that the right services are available at the right time.


Divert From Justice Involvement

NAMI fights for policies to get people help, not handcuffs. This includes expanding access to crisis services, promoting best practices in de-escalation, and diversion of people experiencing psychiatric crises to treatment.

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