Improving healthcare outcomes is one of our nation’s central focuses. Good mental health is key to obtaining and maintaining healthy lifestyle practices. NAMI Durham’s mission is to optimize the quality of life for those in Durham County affected by mental illness by providing signature programs, supports, education meetings, and advocacy.

For as little as $5 per person, you can open the door for family and friends to access these resources and more.


How Memberships Help

Fight Stigma.  Membership helps NAMI to present stigma-busting community awareness presentations like NAMI In Our Own Voice and NAMI Ending the Silence.

Wide-Spread Assistance. Each NAMI Durham membership benefits an extensive network of NAMI Affiliates and NAMI State Organizations as well as the national NAMI organization. Receive notices about local meetings, support groups, educational programs, and advocacy alerts.


Keep Programing Free. Membership helps ensure that NAMI Durham’s programs like NAMI Basics, NAMI Family-To-Family, or NAMI Peer-To-Peer, NAMI Family Support Groups and NAMI Connection stay free to anyone wanting to attend.

Aid the NAMI HelpLine. Membership dues keep the NAMI HelpLine phones and emails answered. The HelpLine provides information, resource referrals, and peer support to thousands of people each year.


Discounts. Receive member-only discounts in the NAMI Store and reduced registration fees for the NAMI National Convention.

Excellent articles. The NAMI Advocate magazine and access to online member-only content and subscriptions to online newsletters and reports provide essential and timely information.


Your Memberships Count

Each membership is a vote. The voices of NAMI Durham members strengthen the organization’s impact with local, state, and national leaders and legislators to spread awareness, shape legislation, and remove stigmas.

The more memberships, the louder our voice. People will listen.



Give The Gift That Gives Year-Round


NAMI Durham members have access to all three levels of the organization—national, state, and local—with one payment! We have three membership rates:

  • $60 per year for a Household membership that includes all members of a household living at the same address

  • $40 per year for a Regular membership which is an individual membership for one person

  • $5 per year for an Open Door membership an accessible option for an individual membership

Visit https://www.namidurhamnc.org/join to join NAMI Durham’s mission.

Click Here to download a membership application.

Important: Be sure to specify NAMI Durham as your affiliate choice.


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