NAMI BASICS is a class for parents and other family caregivers of children and adolescents who have either been diagnosed with a mental health condition or who are experiencing symptoms but have not yet been diagnosed.



Telling your story, contacting your policy-maker, and meeting your policy-maker. A three module training that gives you confidence and strategies to meet and influence your legislators and other policy-makers.


NAMI HOMEFRONT is a class for families, partners and friends of military service members and veterans experiencing a mental health challenge. The course is designed specifically to help these families understand those challenges and improve the ability of participants to support their service member or veteran. 

NAMI IN OUR OWN VOICE is a 1 to 2 hour live and video presentation by persons in recovery, for education of the public through covic, faith-based, provider staff groups, or any audience.

NAMI FAMILY-TO-FAMILY is a class for families, partners and friends of individuals with mental illness. The course is designed to facilitate a better understanding of mental illness, increase coping skills and empower participants to become advocates for their family members. This program was designated as an evidence-based program by SAMHSA.


NAMI PEER-TO-PEER is a safe, confidential space. The course provides an opportunity for mutual support and growth. Experience compassion and understanding from people who relate to your experiences.


NAMI FAMILY AND FRIENDS is a 90 minute seminar that informs and supports people who have loved ones with a mental health condition. Participants learn about diagnoses, treatment, recovery, communication strategies, crisis preparation and NAMI resources. Seminar leaders have personal experience with mental health conditions in their families.


In addition, this presentation would be appropriate for professionals in a variety of human services fields as well as church groups and other civic organizations.


NAMI PROVIDER introduces mental health professionals to the unique perspectives of people with mental health conditions and their families. You’ll develop enhanced empathy for their daily challenges and recognize the importance of including them in all aspects of the treatment process.

NAMI Provider is a 4-hour program of in-service training taught by a team consisting of an adult with a mental health condition, a family member and a mental health professional who is also a family member or has a mental health condition themselves.

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