Major Elijah Bazemore


Elijah Bazemore is a 30-year veteran of the Durham County Sheriff’s Office.  April 11, 1988 Elijah Bazemore joined the Durham County Sheriff’s Office Detention Services Division.  He has worked his way up the ranks to his current position of that of Major of Administration - Programs.   As Major or Administration - Programs he plans, organizes, directs, and coordinates the activities of the Detention Services Division.  Supervises reviews and evaluates Administration - Programs division activities and makes recommendations relative to improvements in organization, staffing, procedures and methods. 

In embracing the Sheriff’s Office motto it allows him an opportunity to assist with service of citizens of the Mental Health Community that are detained in the Detention Facility.  As the number of mental health cases continues to increase he has been innovative in trying to find ways to help this population remain some type of normalcy while detained in the facility and reduce the length of their stay. 


In October of 2010, National Institute of Corrections selected Durham County to visit Colorado to learn how to implement CIT in a Detention Facility setting.  He has been passionate about CIT and has collaborated with NAMI Durham, Durham Police Department, The Durham Center, and Duke for the Detention Facility to participate in three CIT training this year. 


Upon return from Colorado he was selected by NAMI to present at the North Carolina Conference.  He presented at the conference two years.  We are proud of his dedication and compassion to assist the Mental Health Population and with the successful implementation of CIT in the Durham County Detention Facility. 


He was recognized for his effort and was nominated as CIT Officer of the Year 2011 for the Durham County Sheriff’s Office Detention Services Division. In 2013 he was recognized by Durham County Emergency Chaplains as Home Town Hero for is efforts for CIT.   In 2016 he was recognized by the Durham C.I.T. Collaborative and Heart Of C.I.T.


Elijah is passionate about NAMI and NAMI-Walks.